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Monthly Archives: December 2015

One Stop Creates helps you go Mobile

Is your website mobilized? If not, now is the time to change that. Studies prove that as many as 80% of all web browsers are searching from their mobile device. The traditional website designed for a computer doesn’t work well on a mobile device. Much of the information is too large to fit onto these […]

Facebook is a new trend

In the fall of 2015 Facebook released some fascinating statistics about when users engage with posts. Without a doubt, the most dramatic revelation was that photos (not videos) garner the most attention from Facebook fans; by an overwhelming percentage. If you compare the way a video preview appears in the new Facebook Timeline (Newsfeed) to […]

Treasure Cruise Adventure Game

This game is based on one of the most successful manga magazine which is named One Piece. Manga are a series of magazines which has originated from Japan. They are more of story book magazines and one piece is one of very popular manga magazines. It is so much popular that now Once Piece is […]

You Want to Know How to Make a Dream Catcher?

In a nutshell, the dream catcher was introduced by the Native American Cultures. Be it that you are trying to stave off bad dreams, learning the Native American culture or finding a fun craft, making a dream catcher is not only a beautiful but also a rewarding project for every age. You need not be […]

The best Marijuana Strains for your Bongs USA

If you are a marijuana smoker, the best strains are probably already well known and fresh in your mind. Those new to the hobby of weed smoking, however, may need a bit of direction. If that is you, take a look at these best marijuana strains. These Indicia and Sativa strains are sure to keep […]

Here’s the Secret to Great Mobile Games

I am an avid cellphone game player. I am sure Google PlayStore is my most-used app on my cellphone and I am always looking for new games to play. I don’t usually go by the ratings and reviews and like to discover games by myself. Even so, I feel the best rated games are best […]

Cleaning done right with the Pros at Mop it Like its Hot

The pros at Mop It Like Its Hot is standing by waiting for your call. They’re waiting to provide you with a free estimate and to discuss with you the awesome array of services they offer. Mop it Like its Hot is a professional cleaning company that stands heads above the rest. They make cleaning […]