Bedbugs are Real

Bedbugs are not a made-up insect only heard from mom, dad, and grandma. Sadly, bedbugs are real and for many people, a nuisance indeed. While some people think that bedbugs is a sign of being dirty, this is not at all the truth. In fact, many people find they have bedbugs after returning home from a trip. Hotel rooms are one of the most common places for bedbugs.

What can you do?

Protecting yourself against bedbugs is not easy but it is well worth the efforts. Bedbugs, while tiny, cause allergic reactions that cause some people to swell severely and their bites itch like crazy. Many people that have been bitten have had to go to the doctor for prescription strength anti-itch creams.

When you are traveling, make sure that you research the hotel that you are going to be staying out. Reviews are online and work wonders to help you learn more about the hotel. If there have been any problems with bedbugs you can bet your bottom dollar someone online is talking about it.

Once you arrive at the hotel it is important to place your bags inside of the bathroom (as well as jackets, handbags, etc.) until you’ve thoroughly checked the beds for any signs of bedbugs. If there are bedbugs you are likely to notice brown spots on the bed or even shells the bugs have left behind.

It is also important to stay protected at home, too. Call in a bedbug exterminator in Staten island if you suspect that you have bedbugs. The sooner you call the sooner an inspection can be performed and the problem eliminated if it is determined that you have bedbugs. The bed bug exterminator in Staten Island has special tools to detect for bed bugs and powerful treatments that ride them and alleviate the headache from your life. Don’t take any chances and call quickly.