Your Checklist for a Great Event


Event management is a very difficult process, and only a person who has a tremendous eye for detail can pull it off successfully. Having said that, we must know that even the biggest events have their share of gaffes and mistakes. They cannot be helped. However, we must do our best to ensure that we do things as well as we can. Here’s a list of things you need to check out.

Booking the Venue and Other Details

You should begin by booking the venue first. Make a rough estimate of the number of people that are going to attend the event and accordingly book the venue – open air or closed hall, according to needs. Then speak with the other people you need to book in advance, such as the caterers, the band, the audio equipment people, the decorators, and everyone else. This is of paramount importance because these people are usually busy all round the year.

Calling the Main Guests

All dignitaries have to be spoken to and invited well in advance. They will need to block their dates for the event. Then send them a formal invitation too, which clearly states what role they will play – Chief Guest, Guest of Honor, Speaker, etc.


Send the invites out early. It is a good idea to have your guests RSVP their attendance. That gives you a good estimate of how many people would attend.

Look for Your Special Needs

Plan in advance if you have any special needs, such as if you want the hall to have a special HVAC unit, or an LED video wall, or a bar table, or a swimming pool, etc. These things will need to be booked early, and you have to ensure that they are set up at the venue much in advance before the main event